travel insuranceThe first thing one thinks about when it comes to travel is usually a vacation. A vacation is a time for you to relax and forget about your worries and troubles. During this supposed trouble free event, things can, and do go wrong. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter your reason for traveling. Travel insurance will provide peace of mind and protection, which will save you time and heartache in the future. There is a wide variety of coverages and policies for your needs. The most common, well known are flight life insurance, travel accident insurance, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, travel health insurance, lost baggage insurance, and car rental insurance/waivers.

Some of the common things that travel insurance covers:
-medical expenses (including dental)
-overseas medical expenses (including dental)
-cancellation and lost deposit expenses
-loss of luggage
-loss of travel documents
-burial and transport expenses
-liability coverage if you cause property damage, injury or death to another
-various delays

Most companies will offer coverage that will last the duration of a single trip, multi-trips, and even cover your car rental.

Major companies that offer travel insurances are IHI, AXA, Rejseforsikringer, and Allianz.

If you are going to travel with or include the following in your traveling agenda, then some form of travel insurance is necessary:
-Renting a car
-Driving an automobile in a foreign country (other than Canada)
-Renting/usage of a boat or personal watercraft
-Uninsured homeowners or renters
-Studying abroad
-Extended overseas trips
-Severe or chronic illness
-Non-refundable vacation packages
-Traveling with fine arts, jewelry, collectibles or special equipment


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