pet insuranceIf you own a pet, you’ve probably encountered several instances where your vet bill was much higher than you had anticipated. If this has been the case on more than several occasions, it may be wise to look into insurance for your pet. Insuring your pet will allow you to manage the expenses involved with good quality treatment.

Below is a list of common and not-so-common ailments, followed by their estimated medical bills for visits and treatment. This figures show the potential price range you could encounter.

Motor Vehicle Accident: $0 – $4,000 (depending on the severity of injuries)

Cancer Treatment: $500 – $3,800

Pet Eats Foreign Object: $50 – $2,500 (depending upon the object ingested)

Various Infections: $100 – $1,000

Broken Extremity: $1,000 – $2,500

Things to remember:
-Some pet insurance policy providers will award a multi-pet discount. Insure Fido and Felix, experience peace of mind, as well as a discounted rate.

-Watch out for pet insurance providers that may add an additional charge, based upon your zip code (postal code), and/or the breed of your pet. Some breeds of animals are considered high risk animals due to genetics.

-Some providers offer accidental death insurance. If your pet was to accidentally die (other than by natural causes), they would pay you the original purchase price of the pet.

-Special coverage can be applied, depending upon the provider. This can range from coverage for older animals, indoor pets, outdoor pets, and by specific breed. One branch of coverage might have the coverage of another. Examine your situation closely to determine which program will benefit both you and your pet.

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