Farmers’ insurance policies cover a unique area of the insurance market. Most farm insurance policies also cover basic home contents and building insurance, but there are several more specific aspects of a farmer’s insurance policy which cover things such as livestock and farming equipment. Many farmers’ insurance policies provide cover for buildings, stock, machinery and vehicles among other essential equipment. Electrical and mechanical items important to your business may also be covered, such as computers and milk tanks.

Farm contents insurance specifically offers cover for farm produce and equipment, and also offers protection against cattle worrying and livestock protection. You can also purchase sheep worrying insurance as a separate part of your policy; sheep worrying farm insurance will cover injury or loss to sheep, disposal costs, and veterinary fees. There’s also fatal injury of livestock cover, which will protect against risks in transit, and against the animal straying. The cover can also be extended to working dogs. Many farmers’ insurance policies will also protect the value of your livestock against such illnesses as foot and mouth, tuberculosis and brucellosis.

Other areas of a farm insurance policy can also cover theft, including theft of machinery and produce, and the mysterious disappearance of livestock, and fatal injury of livestock.

There are also areas of liability insurance which can be added to a basic farm insurance policy, covering both employer’s liability, and public liability. Employer’s liability insurance is a statutory requirement, and covers all classes of employee, including casual labour, foresters, and gamekeepers, while public liability insurance will protect you from any litigation resulting from injury to a member of the public of guest on your land. Some insurance companies which offer farming insurance will offer relatively high coverage for this, in some UK companies up to the value of five million pounds in cases of pollution or contamination. Farmers’ insurance policies can, with the right policy, also extend to cover such activities as hunting and fishing, and forestry.

As with any kind of insurance, it is important to shop around to get the best farm insurance quotes. Farm insurance covers a relatively large area, and so farmer’s insurance policies can be fairly complicated if they are at all comprehensive.

Most insurance companies who offer farmers insurance policies also offer life insurance and automobile insurance. Of those companies who do, many who offer farmers automobile insurance will offer a discount if the policy holder is the owner, tenant, or permanent resident of the farm or ranch premises, and the vehicle in question is principally kept on those premises. It’s also required that the vehicle weighs less than one ton and is principally used for farming, and is not usually involved with or required for any other activity, besides taking children to and from school. Tractors can normally be insured up to the value of twenty-five thousand pounds within the UK, with an extra thousand pounds covering goods carried within the vehicle.

When choosing farmers insurance, it is important to make sure you choose the right kind of policy for you and your business. Most farmers’ insurance agents will be able to advise you on the coverage that you need, although you should always make sure to get a variety of quotes from different insurance companies. If you are buying farmers insurance, you will also be able to get many other types of insurance from the same company, particularly if, as is common, your primary home is also your business. Many farmers insurance companies also offer pet health care insurance, life insurance, pension policies, and cover many other areas of insurance.

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