Phishing Awareness Toolkit. Employee Conditioning for Resiliency Against Phishing. The phishing awareness training opened with an introduction to the topic, which included threat statistics specific to the organization and an explanation of common vectors (such as emails with phishing links leading to bogus look-alike sites). Access a wide library of free videos covering core security awareness topics - from phishing to physical security. Level-up your phishing tests with an exciting new gamified experience you and your employees will love. It encompasses key items like policy management, simulated phishing, user surveys, blogs and eLearning. We integrate phishing tests alongside phishing training modules. The Ongoing Threat of Phishing and Returning to the Office. Emirates NBD, a bank in Dubai, in conjunction with the Dubai Police, adapted the lyrics and produced a video rendition as part of a cybersecurity awareness campaign. Real Threats In Real Time From Employees. Sure, our modules include unforgettable cyber security videos. As employees prepare to return to the office, cybercriminals have been quick to take advantage of the situation, leading to a surge in phishing attacks. Video Gallery; Phish Scale – A New Paradigm for Phishing Email Awareness 11/19/20 . We provide training materials in the form of short and inspiring security awareness videos that help you inform your employees of possible dangers. Simple Phishing Toolkit provides an opportunity to combine phishing tests with security awareness education, with a feature that (optionally) directs phished users to a landing page with an awareness education video. It doesn’t really tell you if they can apply what they learn and identify phishing emails. Detection. Cyber Security E-Learning. Fully Managed . Protect Your Users From Holiday-Themed Phishing Attacks There’s no doubt that cyber criminals will take advantage of the surge in online shopping this holiday season. Barracuda PhishLine gives you the option to create a completely customized program or opt for the Quick Launch process to get an awareness campaign up and running in under a minute. Unfortunately, the sptoolkit project has been abandoned back in 2013. Can you spot when you’re being phished? DHS S&T's Cyber Security Division Director Douglas Maughan shares how you can protect yourself from a phishing … Bite-sized & jargon-free With short attention spans and a hectic workload, we've kept these videos short, concise and actionable for your users. Without adding to your time or workloads, we educate your employees and keep them vigilant. PhishingBox, LLC. Too often, awareness programs only seek to satisfy compliance requirements. Cofense LMS. Mimecast phishing training is part of the Mimecast Awareness Training program that uses highly entertaining video content to engage employees in security awareness. Watch Our 2-Minute Explainer Video. Time is a valuable commodity to security awareness professionals, which is why phishing reporting and management needs to be simple, fast, and comprehensive. Version: 4.0 Length: 0.5 Hours. substituting a local URL and/or logo for the systemwide one provided). Phishing Awareness Videos If reading isn't your thing, don't worry, we've got you covered. Awareness . Phishing attacks are one of the most dangerous security challenges that both individuals and companies suffer to keep their data safe. Vulnerabilities specific to the organization were demonstrated via anonymized versions of prior incidents. Streamlined Employee Computer-Based Training. Materials in this toolkit are available to the entire UC community. This phishing campaign sends emails claiming to be a training notification from a legitimate cybersecurity awareness company with a link that, if clicked, directs the user to a phishing site to steal credentials and other information. Cofense Reporter. Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Their mainstay: computer-based training (CBTs). Having watched our video, participants in our evaluation were able to detect phishing messages significantly more reliably right after watching the video (compared to before watching the video). Researchers also developed their own "reminders" in order to "replenish the employees' phishing awareness and knowledge," which they used to … Ongoing awareness exercises: Throughout the year, as well as in advance of annual training, various awareness exercises, like phishing simulations, may be conducted. Partners; Blog; Community; Contact; Products. A brief video about the dangers of spear phishing; An infographic teaching employees how to spot a phishing email; A web-based interactive mini-course about how to prevent phishing ; A how-to guide for running successful simulated phishing campaigns within your organization; FREE RESOURCE Get your Free Phishing Toolkit. Dangers of phishing. Professional security awareness training, suitable for all employees and available in multiple languages. Phishing emails are generally disguised as free prizes, legitimate services (e.g. Email Kacy; Connect on LinkedIn; Shaggy’s chart-topping hit from 2000, “It Wasn’t Me,” has made a comeback.

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