STM32F103VE_Board_JX. The multivibrator is an electronic circuit that will work as a two-stage amplifier operating in both stable and a stable mode. The clap sound is converted into a weak signal using a microphone (transducer) that is amplified to trigger the 555 timer IC. Simple electronic drum circuit using MC14046, 0-30V 20A High current adjustable voltage regulator circuit, 40W transistor audio amplifier circuit with PCB, 50W OCL main amplifier using LF351 with PCB, 3A Variable power supply using LM317&2N3055, Simplest automatic solar night light circuit, Bass guitar super bridge amplifier 200 watt, Graphic equalizer circuits with PCB layout for you, How to make fast blinking lights for bike, Big digital clock circuit without microcontroller, Infrared Remote control 50 feet 2 Channel, Fire alarm circuit using infrared Smoke detector, 60 watt stereo amplifier circuit using LM3876, Power bank mobile charger circuit using LM1086, 60W RMS OTL integrated audio amplifier circuit, 2N3055 amplifier circuit, 30w OCL integrated amp with PCB, Digital temperature meter using LM335 or LM135, Digital capacitor meter projects easy to build, The PIR Movement detector with light-activated, Music dancing light circuit, 4500 watts using Opto isolator, Ultrasonic sensor circuit project with versatile controls, 100W DC servo amplifier circuit using Power MOSFET, Super digital echo stereo mixer circuit projects using KT5211P, 2 channel 100w stereo audio amplifier circuit by STK4231II, 100 watts OTL amplifier circuit using transistor MJ15003-MJ15004, First simple mosfet amplifier circuit by K134+J49, LED VU Meter circuits using transistors, 5 to 20, 40 LED, Ham radio power supply circuit with RFI elimination. Use LM1086 as main on low dropout voltage. This is a simple circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontrollers and LEDs. This circuit is used to block the signals of cell phones within a range of 100 meters. The data is transmitted to the receiver through RF. One more interesting project, a simple hand gesture-based robotic vehicle is designed. the detection accuracy of Pyroelectric. The main heart of this circuit is 555 timer. GSM controlled robot or SMS controlled robot is a wireless robot which performs the necessary actions by receiving a set of instructions in the form a Short Message Service (SMS). We have curated the best and most popular projects which help to finish your basic project work in the initial days of your engineering. […], The project is the NiMH battery charger circuit on automatically shut off when fully charged. It is not a failure, but it is another way of learning. Here are two simple fire alarm circuits that are used to detect the fire automatically and inform to the people immediately with an alarm. This is a simple alarm circuit which helps in ringing a warning alarm when someone tries to steal the luggage. It is used for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell, security systems, etc. The ULN2003 IC is used to drive the stepper motor as the controller cannot provide the current required by the motor. This circuit rings an alarm when you point a TV remote at it and press on any button. Mini Electronics Projects for Kids. Home security alarm system circuit … These are mainly used in environmental applications. This is a very simple lights project on automatic room lights, where the Arduino and PIR sensor automatically turn on and off the room lights. Morse code is a very old and versatile technique to send text messages using wireless media. A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces audio signals of low frequencies. This is applied through the output pin of the microcontroller. All you need is to just place this circuit in front of the locker or below the mat so when an unknown person comes and walks over the switch, the circuit will trigger, and the sound of alarm comes. This is a circuit that helps in interfacing 16X2 LCD with AVR Microcontroller. Cut frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz10kHz. It controls light flashing by music input, use Triac driver load.…. This is one more interesting and useful project. It can be used as the doorbell. This is accomplished using a capacitor-based power supply. Getting good and timely information on the electronic project that you are embarking on sometimes can be time consuming and frustrating. Complete instructions how to make your own electronic devices. By using digital echo circuit. This Stun gun circuit is mostly used as a weapon to stun or send shock waves to the target with the intention to weaken or paralyze it. It can be used at homes, mobile places like cars to keep a track of the temperature. This helps to design a variable power supply circuit which will provide 0 to 28V at 6 to 8 amps. This circuit can be used in security applications like when there is darkness on the LDR, it stops lighting. Valuable time is often spent poring over the electronic circuit and projects to find even the most basic information regarding circuit and projects for potential design. It is used in industries to control the liquid level automatically. This circuit can be used in TV transmission and for remote-controlled toys or playthings. To participate you need … Here is the circuit diagram and working of the 100w subwoofer amplifier circuit. This circuit can be used in museums to protect valuable things. The system uses an 8 bit microcontroller of 16f877A family. Here, the input voltage should be DC voltage to get the accurate output on LCD. This article aims to describe the principle of operation, design, and working of a simple car battery charger from the AC mains supply and a feedback control section to control the battery charging. It also avoids repeated frequent switching of the devices which is usually ignored in most similar circuits but may have a detrimental effect on our operating devices. Good transistor audio amplifier circuit, at 40 watts OCL RMS using 2N3055+MJ2955 is easy to build, and very inexpensive. Here is the circuit diagram of the battery charger circuit using the Silicon Controlled Rectifier. Electronics Projects, Basic Electronic Circuits With Proteus " analog circuits projects, " Date 2019/08/04. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic… This is a Jammer circuit which is used to block the signals. In the simulation we've added some common types of input and output (e.g. April 2015; DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4105.6803. We must arrange one IR sensor for each road, these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. This is the simple and cost-effective automatic emergency light circuit with light sensing. Commonly, used LEDs will have a voltage drop of 1.7v and current of 10mA to glow at full intensity. The microcontroller used is the AT89C51 microcontroller. The main principle of the circuit is to detect the human using a human detection sensor. Here we design a simple circuit driving a series of LEDs from 230V AC. Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer:This DIY article shows how to turn on and off a lamp using remote control.This circuit uses a 555 timer IC for controlling. If you want to include your project and want to help other students please mail us your project details. The objective of this circuit is to indicate left or right turn for bike/vehicle. This is ding dong sound generator circuit is designed using 555 timer IC in astable mode. This circuit is designed to alert the user when an intruder enters the home. Must have good sound quality. So before using your IC, you may check whether your IC is good or bad by using this circuit. An EEPROM stores the password and is easily changeable. It may be used as an emergency light and also as a reading lamp. The lights will get ON at night and OFF in the morning time. Very interesting project for who are interested in robotics too. This circuit may be used as a wireless power transfer circuit, wireless mobile charger circuit, wireless battery charger circuit, etc. This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real-life named DTMF controlled home appliances system. The article here presents a compilation of assorted DIY hobbyist circuits to build, listed orderly from very simple ideas to more complicated concepts. The main principle of this circuit is to produce sound depending on the light intensity falling on the circuit. The main principle of this circuit is that the door lock opens only when the buttons are pressed in an order. switches and LEDs) but there are many types of transducers and we don't model all of them. This simple IR audio link circuit is used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This digital echo stereo mixer project is circuits pioneering in echo circuit before using IC-BBD to the digital system. It is helpful to count the number of persons entering or leaving a room and to display it on a screen. If you want to see your project here, you can go to the contact page and submit your request. The circuit consists of a 7555 timer IC as the main component. We built the circuit using a microcontroller which scans the input from push buttons and displays the corresponding number on a display device. 300 Electronic Projects for Inventors with tested circuits: Handbook of Electronic projects (Getting started with Basic Electronics Projects) by Arsath Natheem S. 3.7 out of 5 stars 36. […], This is high power music dancing light circuit, 4500 watts load using optoisolator so safe of AC line. The sound is very loud and very durable, easy to builds better […], The first simple mosfet amplifier circuit with PCB, It most complete circuit. Here is a simple circuit to charge 6V, 4.5Ah rechargeable Lead-acid battery from the solar panel. For the charging of your mobile phone, this circuit provides you a regulated voltage of 4.7 volts. The microcontroller used is an AT89C51 microcontroller. This project can be useful in making signboards, scrolling message boards, etc. The main principle of the circuit is to turn off the LED by a puff. Home Blog Arduino circuit design program. A very interesting project for those who are interested in robotics too. These form a voltage divider having reference voltages of 1/3 and 2/3 of Vcc (the power supply).

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