Things you will need Nutmeg powder, Honey. You can mix this essential oil with other ingredients and apply it on the scalp. With anti-aging properties, the nutmeg benefits to keep the face fresh. Not only dead skins will be removed, the vitamin c content and antioxidants found in nutmeg is excellent to remove fine lines and eliminate the trace of aging from your beautiful skin. So, you get a positive result in improving the digestive health by taking this spice on a regular basis. You can mix this essential oil with other ingredients and apply it on the scalp. If you repeat this process once in a week you can notice a remarkable change in your hair. Nutmeg powder for Skin. While nutmeg does have a ton of benefits, it’s not advisable to consume large amounts of it. 4. He recommends whipping up a DIY mask consisting of a teaspoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of raw honey, and a pinch of nutmeg to help even out your skin tone. Nutmeg can also be incorporated into skin and oral routines in the following ways. If you enjoy making your own body oils and soaps, nutmeg would be a great ingredient for formulations meant for normal to oily skin. With anti-aging properties, the nutmeg benefits to keep the face fresh. It sounds really amazing, right? Although nutmeg is commonly used in powder form, nutmeg oil is becoming just as popular for its health benefits. If you are seeing some acne on your face frequently then you can eliminate it with the nutmeg extract at your home easily. The antioxidants content found in nutmeg may help you preventing the premature aging to make you younger longer. The fiber contents of the nutmeg can help you to control your weight. It is also soothing to the skin and is a natural antioxidant. Then apply the smooth mixture on your scalp and the length of the hair. Apart from being used for culinary purposes, nutmeg is widely known for its medicinal properties .In traditional medicine, nutmeg has … Even as little as 2 tablespoons of this potent spice can bring on side effects that range from dizziness, nausea, and dry mouth to a slowing down of your brain and hallucinations. In this article, we'll be discussing some benefits of using nutmeg in our daily skin care routine and also how to use them. You can apply the nutmeg powder along with the other cleansing home ingredients. Mixing nutmeg powder with raw honey, lemon juice, clove oil and baking soda will make an excellent face pack to exfoliate your skin and deep cleanse the pores. Now you know that having bright tone complexion is not only a dream because just by applying nutmeg face mask regularly could reveal your true and natural beauty skin. You need to combine the orange peel powder, lemon, and nutmeg powder with raw honey. Possible interactions. Do you know about the benefits of nutmeg in skin care? Skin Care. Nutmeg restores moistures whilst stimulating dull skin and promoting a bright, toned complexion, which can reduce the signs of ages. According to toxicologists, excessive amounts of this spice can be poisonous. The number of people who are willing to try natural way for skin care treatment is progressively increasing today. It was first brought to Europe by Arab traders. Nutmeg oil is used as a natural treatment for … How To Prepare? And as a result, you get a better hair growth. You should be careful about the doses of the nutmeg extract when you are consuming it or applying on the skin or hair. The anti-bacterial agents and the antifungal properties of the nutmeg can act as an excellent cleanser for your skin. Home » Beauty » Skin Treatment » Benefits of Nutmeg in Skin Care – Natural Alternative Treatment. Enjoy The Benefits But Use Nutmeg In Moderation. Uses of Nutmeg Essential Oil As an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, for skin treatment and to improve circulation, among others. An addition of nutmeg to your honey face pack can also reduce pigmentation. Other benefits to the skin. 7 Honey Face Masks for Clear and Naturally Glowing Skin, Top 7 Deliciously Healthy Spinach Recipes, 13 Most Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss, 20 Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair, 18 Unbelievable Skin, Hair, Health, and Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil, 15 Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair, Skin, and Health, Hair Loss in Men- Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, 15 Benefits of Moringa Oil for Skin, Hair, and Face, Amazing Beauty Benefits of Fish Oil For Skin and Hair, 15 Amazing Ayurvedic Remedies for Dry Skin, 15 Amazing Home Remedies to Treat Oily Skin, 10 Herbal Teas for Relieving Constipation and Make You Poop, Top 22 High Antioxidant Foods That Are Easily Available, Thyroid Diet – Food to Keep Thyroid In Control. The texture will help you eliminating the dead skins to reveal the natural and younger look of your skin. Nutmeg For Skin. You can discuss with the doctor before taking the nutmeg when you are under treatment of urinary incontinence. It is derived by steam-distilling the dried kernels from the nutmeg seeds. Without further ado, let’s check out 12 beauty benefits of nutmeg! It contains nutrients like magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, B6 and many other nutrients which help to prove healthy for the skin. Nutmeg powder is usually used to give more flavor cooking but after through many investigations and studies nutmeg powder have known to give you benefits as well. This lowers down the level of bad cholesterol and rises up the level of good cholesterol at the same time. Moisturizer: the nutmeg is used as a moisturizer to do away with dry skin and wrinkles. One of the reasons why nutmeg are the best option for natural solution to prevent acnes and pimples naturally is the antibacterial agents which are super potent and with no side effects for skin. It not just adds flavour to the food but also helps to improve the beauty of the face. Using nutmeg as face mask or skin toner could help controlling the oil production. But this natural source can give you an amazing result to lead a wonderful healthy life. The rejuvenating properties of nutmeg and the lactic acid in milk will help in making the skin soft and supple. You could use the health benefits of nutmeg powder that you could turn into natural face mask, skin scrubs, toning cleanser, spot treatment up to acne exfoliating cleanser that you could add or mix with other ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut milk, honey or lemon juice. You can also take the nutmeg powder to improve your digestive system. ( If you scale up they should be of same quantity) . 15 Benefits of Gold for Skin Care #New Beauty Hacks! Nutmeg can prevent leukaemia, boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. All content is informational purpose only, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. You can also use this to whiten your teeth and keep them away from the risk of the pain. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair growth. But you should apply the moisturizer after cleaning your face. Nutm… Other benefits includes treating inflammation, promoting blood circulation, supporting immune system, treating acne and delaying aging. [2] In this article, we’ll discuss what nutmeg is, and its extensive health and wellness powers. The anti-bacterial agents and the antifungal properties of the nutmeg can act as an excellent cleanser for your skin. Allow it to steep for 2 to 3 minutes. This can give you a fresh and lively look. This spice has an agent called trimyristin which can give you a relief from the anxiety. Possible health benefits of nutmeg oil. Excellent nutrients in this spice help to enhance your overall beauty. The late introduction of the nutmeg tree to the European world is due to its limited distribution before this. Nutmeg For The Skin. So, make a regular routine of taking a glass of milk with a pinch of nutmeg powder before going to bed and sleep perfectly. Mix a tablespoon of full fat milk for dry skin and slim milk for oily skin,with a few piches of nutmeg powder, keep this mix on for 30 minutes not more, remove with cold water. Well, do you know that nutmeg contains some active compounds that could work magically in removing scars which caused by varying factors from pimples up to sunburn? There are countless benefits that nutmeg offers you, especially for the skin … If chemical-based skin exfoliate will cause some rashes or redness to your skin, nutmeg will make your skin glowing. This compound can deal with blood sugar and other chronic diseases at the same time. … One of the biggest benefits of nutmeg for skin is that it can help even out pigmentation, according to Ross. Make a smooth paste and apply it on your pimples. Nutmeg was being traded way before it was introduced to the European world around the 11thcentury. Let the mixture sit on your face and wash it after 20 minutes with normal water. Nutmeg works as a great face scrub. You can also eliminate the pigmentations of the skin by applying a face-pack of nutmeg on your face. Nutmeg helps you get the smooth and perfect skin you desire. Nutmeg restores moistures whilst stimulating dull skin and promoting a bright, toned complexion, which can reduce the signs of ages. Initially, it was used to flavor beer, before becoming a part of the culinary lives of the Europeans. There are no other artificial skin care products can do it with your skin better than nutmeg. Nutmeg is a popular seasonal spice found in pumpkin spice recipes, eggnog, and hot cocoa. There are a lot of ways you could do to get all the benefits of nutmeg in skin care. Medicinal Benefits. This spice has the ability to calm down the nerves and giving you a soothing effect. Nutmeg is used as a whole seed and in powdered form. Nutrients packed in nutmeg oil enhance hair growth and add a lustrous shine. It is also super important to use organic nutmeg only because you will need to apply the magical potion directly to your skin especially when you are about to use it as face mask or skin scrubs. You should let the paste sit on your face and wash the pack with the cold water after 10 minutes to get an amazing result. Nutmeg powder for Skin. Nutmeg Oil benefits includes supporting respiratory health, acting as natural painkiller, relieving pms symptoms, preventing and treating indigestion, improving blood circulation, supporting brain health, eliminating bad breath, supporting liver health, treating insomnia, and treating leukemia. Benefits of Nutmeg in Skin Care – Natural Alternative Treatment, Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info. What Is Nutmeg? There are plenty of health benefits of nutmeg. Dark spots, … It has a great use in the deserts and beverages. To reap benefits of nutmeg for skin, you must topically apply the ingredient. Keep the pack on the hair for 10 minutes. It is known to work on the enhancement of facial beauty. How To Prepare Nutmeg Tea; Add nutmeg … This is mainly used to heal the joint pains, muscle pains, and spasm. Benefits of Nutmeg Medicinal Properties. Excessive nutmeg can be harmful to you. Some of you might be wondering why nutmeg is good for skin care. Benefits of Cinnamon for a Glowing Skin: Heals Acne: The anti-fungal, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of cinnamon makes it useful against acne and skin blemishes. Wait 10 minutes and then wash your pack with cold water gently. For many it is a simple culinary species, for others a rich alternative for health, in this article know more about its benefits. The benefits of nutmeg for health make it a safe food to consume, nutmeg is a very popular spice and widely used in meals and desserts. Apart from using it as a spice, you can also consume nutmeg tea to enjoy its health benefits. This makes nutmeg perfect for use on bad skin. It improves the circulation of blood and removes crow’s feet and wrinkles. Nutmeg oil is potent brain booster, increasing circulation and allowing you to concentrate better. A few drops of honey. Nutmeg which has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals is only causing you more troubles. Before you apply it to your skin is highly recommended to try it in some part of your skin to see the reaction. This can help you to sleep. Nutmeg is a good source of the anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce the pain of arthritis naturally. Skin Care Benefits of Nutmeg or Jaiphal. You can also take the advice of the medical professionals before consuming the nutmeg. 1. So, you can take it as a natural remedy for controlling the cholesterol level and taking care of the heart. In aromatherapy, where you can take advantage of the incredible benefits mentioned above. The reason for this is that nutmeg is good for the skin and is a great addition to your beauty regime. Why Nutmeg Good for Alternative Skin Care? As the result your skin will become more glowing and well-moistuirized. Bright tone complexion is very popular among Asian people. Nutmeg is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for cases of fever, halitosis, various heart problems and headaches. Apply this on your face and wash it off after 10-15 minutes. The best way to use this spice for your skin is by mixing it in powdered form with honey and gently scrubbing your skin. Oily skin … You can include this spice to your daily routine to reduce the risk of cancer and fight against this deadly disease as well. It works well when you are fighting against anxiety and depression. Making a paste from nutmeg powder is one of them. The antioxidant compounds of the nutmeg powder can give you an impressive result in the prevention of cancer. This old but super spice can not only make the dishes delicious but also make you strong in numerous ways. Well, surely you don’t want to look old before the age, do you? Nutmeg is one of the top Asian herbs and its benefits have been proven scientifically. That is why there is no easier and more natural way to remove and heal scars but using nutmeg. Depression is an affliction that can affect people from all walks of life, no matter how well they may otherwise be. That is, it's antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and has antioxidant benefits to boot. Antioxidants are also responsible in preventing oxidative stress in cells that could lead to severe condition like skin cancer. Not everyone realize that scalp is actually the part of the skin. Nutmeg Benefit #1: Anti-Depression. 1-2 tbsp milk. They can reduce the rapid multiplication of free radicals, thus, help to prevent inflammation or even irritation on your skin … Nutmeg benefits for skin among men’s to have a charming and beautiful face.

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