What is Insurance?

insuranceI’m sure we’ve all heard of the word, and have an idea of how it works. Is it a concept? Idea? Is it something concrete or abstract? It depends on the context of the situation. A quick, simple definition of insurance could be as follows: Reimbursement in a situation of loss. Usually, someone decides that insurance is needed. In order for the concept of insurance to arise, a pre-payment of some type is required. In the case of typical, everyday general auto, health and life insurance, for example, the pre-payment is in the form of a premium. Prior to the eve of the year 2000, thousands of people flocked to the stores, stocking up on numerous supplies. They feared that something catastrophic was going to take place once the clock struck midnight, and if so, they wanted to be prepared. Isn’t this a form of insurance? Sure- in its basic definition. The supplies they purchased would act as reimbursement in the case of loss.

Early insurance goes back to the Egyptian times. It was known that around 3000 BC, Chinese merchants dispersed their shipments among several vessels to avoid the possibility of damage or loss. There are some insurance companies around today in the United States that provided insurance back in the mid 1700’s, as well as some that provided relief to banks during the 1930’s and the Great Depression. Today, there is insurance for many aspects of daily living: Business, Auto, Health, Life, Travel. Each of those categories include sub-categories, branching off into numerous divisions.

With the rise of price comparison engines on the internet the competition in the insurance market has become more fierce. Sites such as Money Supermarket, Bilforsikring, and Finance Scout 24 provide the possibility to compare prices on insurance.

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